Methodist Ladies' College Careers

MLC Careers Information

MLC Careers Information

Scheduled Careers Advisor Appointments


All students in Year 10 and 11 will have one scheduled appointment with a Careers Advisor during 2018, and all students in Year 12 will have two scheduled appointments. Dates for these scheduled appointments are:


Year 12 (Term 1) Monday 19 February Wednesday 21 February
Year 11 Monday 23 April Wednesday 30 May
Year 10 Thursday 14 June Friday 3 August
Year 12 (Term 3) Wednesday 15 August Wednesday 12 September


Each student will be emailed their allocated appointment, which will be scheduled within a free period wherever possible to minimise any class disruption.

If a student is unable to attend at the given appointment time, then it is their responsiblity to swap times with another student and advise the Careers office.


Allocated Careers Advisor


All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have been allocated a Career Advisor, who will be responsible for all Careers appointments, queries and assistance through the students time at MLC. These allocations are as follows:


  Y10 (Surname) Y11 (Surname) Y12 (Surname)
Mr Chris Walkley Adr - Hol Ada - Hop Adg - Hay
Ms Dee Casey Hop - McNab Hos - Mil He - Mun
Ms Sue Molino McNam - Zhu Min - Zot Mur - Zit

* There may be some students that are allocated to an advisor outside the above allocations due to advisor capacities etc.